Yosemite 2009

A few weeks ago we took a few days off and went camping in beautiful YOSEMITE national park. The original plan was to meet a bunch of our Utah friends there; camp, hike, play, what not. But...as plans tend to happen no one actually made it out except for Porter, Indo, and myself of course. Luckily Porter and I like each other enough that we really had a blast. The weather was surprisingly warm, crowds were light, rivers not too freezing to swim in and soooo beautiful.

Yes, above really is an actual brown BEAR. There we were just busy riding our bikes enjoying the gorgeous scenery...when Porter abruptly stops and whispers "Was that a bear?!" (As if the bear might hear him and attack) But I definitely didn't believe him, I was actually laughing when I got off my bike to look at...what actually was a momma grizzly bear just munching apples up in a not-so-stable apple tree. And yes, bears do run rampant in Yosemite so I guess it wasn't so wild we saw one, but so up close and personal was pretty cool. And it was cool until oblivious Indo, after about 10 minutes of watching finally realizes what we're looking at and starts barking at her. For the first time the bear stops eating and stares Indo down...we then hopped on our bikes and booked it as fast as we could outta there.

Half Dome. 18 miles, 10 hours, and 2 giant blisters later...WE DID IT!

Couldn't walk the next two days, totally worth it.

Thanks Yosemite, see you next year.

So Porter got a Video camera for his birthday...okay so I gave it to him but it's really for me. I know all you wives know what I'm talking about. So above here is the first attempt of putting US into a music video. We're pretty much in fast forward the whole time in order to fit the entire trip in, kinda makes ya sick I think :) I've got a lot of learning to do but it's much more entertaining than pictures.

"Weddings. I LOVE weddings. Drinks all 'round."

We went back out to UTAH the very end of August to Celebrate Britts REAL wedding in SLC. The Lovely Couples.

The week was amazing cause we were able to spend time with friends that we never get to see. Here we are at the luncheon in the Joseph Smith building with some of the ladies.

Porter performed a heartfelt little diddy for the happy couple. (J/K) Looks pretty believable though right?

Pretty Chelsea, one of my oldest USU friends that I never see cause she and husband live all the way in Virginia! So fun to spend time with her.

The GREEN bridesmaids, in all their glory.

Here is my bestest friend Eliza, her and hubby are living in Texas. It's a good thing people get married just so we all get to see each other! She is so beautiful, especially 7 months pregnant! Yay, it's a girl and she will be so gorgeous like her mama. We were able to have a little baby shower while she was out, so fun. Love and miss you Lize.

Here are our sexy photographers.

There's the beautiful bride, she looked amazing and the wedding was a blast.
Yes. She did have THAT many bridesmaids.

And Yes. We were the favorites.

Jet-skiing at Jordanelle.

Look at that HOT mama.

We were also able to do some camping! Just one night, but a lot of fun, thanks Tia for organizing it.

Sleeping arrangements; us three in a two man tent.

Carson in the car.

Happy birthday Cam and Tia, Porter really loves you in this picture.

And in this one, I thought we were supposed to be looking fierce...apparently some people didn't quite understand...

Yay for Utah


AUGUST, Continued.

Porter & I went to the KEITH URBAN concert. I Loved every second of it, and surprisingly so did Porter. I just love Keith, his music, his sexy Aussie accent, and he puts on quite the performance. Here we are showing our love.

I tried to sneak into his tour bus, hide, and wait for him until after the show....stupid security guards.

The concert was up in Sacramento in the ARCO arena, also the home of the Sacramento KINGS. This picture below is a little shout out for my girl B-Davis. "How 'bout them Kings?"

Here I am, helping Keith out with a new single he's working on entitled: I wish I would have met Michelle before I married Nicole. Needless to say, it's pretty touching.

Can you tell we're totally sweating from all the rocking out, here we are when Keith played our song; Making Memories of Us. (It was our first song we danced to as a Mr. & Mrs.)

After the concert we headed up to Beautiful Lake Tahoe. Spent a nice romantic weekend, hanging out at the beach, swimming, sleeping, biking, hiking.

As usual, Indo had the best time.

Next stop was Auburn CA, for Britt & Jacob's pre-wedding reception. It was fun to see them as always and get down with the entire DAVIS clan. In true Davis fashion, the real party didn't get started until after all the guests left. :)

Sweatin it up, again.


Rest of JULY thru AUGUST

I forgot to tell everyone that We got a new nephew...Welcome Wes Edgren! He is way huge now, I think he is about 5 and a half months actually but he is a beautiful baby and now my sister Rachel has FOUR kids! :) Good luck with that.

But the rest of July was mostly spent with Family, like I said earlier, my sister Rebecca and kids were in town just about ALL summer which was a BLAST.

Here we are at greenbrook pool. All the sistas.

And here we are swimming again at Grandmas.

In July we also went to this place. THE RANCH, north of us a couple hours. Don't ask me how My sister and husband get to use it sometimes cause I don't understand it but it is beautiful. A giant mansion with six master bedrooms, a private lake, hundreds of acres, and plenty of toys.

Kate and Porter gearin up to get down to the lake.

All of us look ready to RIDE

And I pray my little girl will someday look like this adorable rolly chick. AKA: Kit Kat

Back at home Carter & Sammie Lou rocked the swimming pool after some lessons given by Grandma Ski.

Yay for Summa Time

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE