Christmas in Utah

This past Christmas was spent in Sandy Utah at the Tuckers. So fun to spend time with family, eat wonderful food, sleep in while Grandma watches the baby and of course celebrate Aimsley's 1st Christmas!

Here we are in our Christmas Sunday Best.

It's always fun to go to Utah for Holidays because we have so many College friends to party with. This year we had a white elephant gift exchange/"a sort-of" Ugly sweater party (some people didn't get the memo). We all decided that this year was quite the change considering we had 5 babies at the party and 4 pregnant mommas. A nice change though :). Such a great party , thanks Kristan and Joel for Hosting!

Some of the Ladies...

And Gents of the Party.

Probably the best Christmas present this year was my sister-in-law Stephanie surprising my Mom-in-law by flying her and her 4 kids out from Knoxville Tennessee, where they live. Tickets were purchased months in advance and it was quite the task for everyone to hide the surprise from Debbie. Unfortunately, because Stephanie and fam live on the other side of the Country we don;t get to see them near as much as we would like to. They have 4 adorable little ones and like most Grandmothers, Debbie is so in love with them and can't stand being so far away. SO...by some miracle the secret was kept from Grandma and on the night of December 23rd this happened...

Still brings tears to my eyes. We were so happy to have them around and fill the house with love and laughter, and Aimsley was so happy to meet her new cousins!

We had a fun get together with Grandma Foulger.

Here is Aimsley talking to her Uncle Elder Jordan Tucker who is in the Philippines on Christmas night.

On Christmas Eve Mrs. Clause gave us our Christmas Jammies and we went to Grandma and Grandpa Tuckers for a delicious meal and a little pre-Christmas gift opening.

Here is the whole gange on Christmas Day, Aimsley was so excited Santa came that she fell asleep :)

Merry Christmas to All. Xoxo


Santa Picture 2011

Don't look too closely cause Santa may or may not be a female...but Aimsley loved Santa this year, I fear the next couple years we may not get a sweet smile like this one :))) but don't the "screaming in fear of Santa" shots make for the best ones? I can't wait :))

Here's to next year Baby Girl

Polar Express

I believe this is our third year riding the Flagstaff Polar Express! It has become quite the tradition and enjoyed by both young and old. Just as it goes in the book, you put your pajamas on, aboard the train, drink hot chocolate and eat cookies, sing carols...and finally, you reach the NORTH POLE! Then Santa comes on board and passes out the Christmas Bells. It's all quite magical.

So much fun to watch the kids so excited, and see their big eyes light up when Santa walks into your train car. As usual, Aimsley was feeling quite sleepy and couldn't quite wake up to meet Santa but she did (not) enjoy a number of bells being rung very close to her ears with cousins yelling "Can you hear the Bell AIMSLEY! Do you still BELIEVE!!!"

SANTA!!!!! Great memories.


Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving was "my family's Year" and we all went to my sister's house in Phoenix. It was a much needed break from school and work, the weather was beautiful and Rebecca of course had a jam packed week O' fun planned for us. It was so great to spend time with the famiily and to introduce the new cousin into the mix.

Miss Aimsley in her Turkey-Dinner-Best.

Aimsley has two older lady cousins; Kate and Sammie Lou, they loved her so much they could hardly keep their hands off of her.


It may have caused some arguments :)

During the week we went to Out Of Africa; which is kind of a wildlife adventure park. It's pretty amazing and stocked with Lions and Tiger and Bears...OH MY!

We rode a window-less bus around like a safari, and let giraffes eat carrots out of our mouths (well, the brave ones did at least :)) the workers called it "Kissing". The Giraffes grab the carrots out of your mouth with their long black tongues of course!!

Mom gave us our Christmas gifts early! Merry Apple Christmas to us. It was a wonderful week; fun, food and family. Nothing can top that.


Halloween 2011

Halloween might be my favorite holiday and lucky for us we had a wee one to share the magic with this year. I think we had more fun dressing her up than anything else. We were able to have one last year with out trick or treating and just being able to enjoy the festivities with our little sleepy bundle.

We had a little pumpkin carving party where mostly Porter showed his skills off.

Aimsley thought she liked her pumpkin costume...then maybe not so much

Our wonderful friends the Youngs agreed (they might have been forced) to throw a rockin Halloween party. A few of us moms spent the day making the house spooky and cooking scary goodies. I think the party was a success with pictures, a costume contest, food and games. Thanks so much Nicole and Kinzie, we need to throw another..St Patties Day perhaps??
Lucky for Aimsley; all of her boyfriends showed up :))

We had some hand-me-down costumes from the cousins. One was a frog...so we took it from there.

The Princess gets her frog AND her Prince, made for one happy Princess.

The Ladies...

And Gents of the party.

Whats a Halloween with out some cross-dressing right??

All and all, great night, great friends, all dressed in costumes. Success!


Fall 2011

Aimsley was born the end of August which made for an extremely hot and uncomfortable last couple of months pregnant but an amazing mild fall full of outings and adventures with a new-born.
Once I was able to venture out of the house it was about mid september, perfect time for some beautiful hikes with the fam

We also had some wonderful visitors including the Bowens. We took them all over Colorado in hopes that someday soon they will move here!!! We really tried to be festive by hiking to see the beautiful fall colors, watching scary movies, carving pumpkins, Carmel apples, cornmazes...you name it. So fun to have them out, we love you guys.

And of course Aimsley was born at the start of Daddy's hardest semester...so there was a lot of this action going on. I don't think he minded the distraction.

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE