Birthday Girl

Our baby turned 6 months on February 24th. Six months...what!? I know, I know, everyone says it, but it literally flew by. She has been the best, happiest, giggling, babbling, bald, beautiful baby. I think I can say with confidence that she knows and loves her momma...maybe sometimes too much. But I love that she can somewhat now reciprocate the overload of love that we give to her. With out question it has been the best 6 months of our lives thanks to this little lady.

Big baby belly after dinner.

Favorite photo of the moment.

Happy Half Birthday Baby, we love you. xoxoxo


In February Aimsley had rice cereal for the first time. I'm guessing this is only an exciting event for baby #1....cause it''s really not as exciting as the first time parent thinks it should be. The real fun comes when they are eating colorful foods and trying to feed themselves. And rest assured we have plenty of those shots. But here she is eating and loving her cereal, it was really adorable to watch.

For some reason i think she enjoyed this meal a little more. We did it solely for the photos.

I'm getting sick of our polkadot highchair being in so many pictures but who could not take pictures of that face!?!?


V-Day 2012

We had a wonderful evening-in this Valentines Day, and as the wonderful wife that I am I made Porter's favorite meal of steak and garlic mashed potatoes, and my favorite dessert; home-made lemon bars.

With our new darling babe this year, I think it's safe to say that she may have stolen the show. Valentine's Day might not have been as romantic as our past V-days....But I don't think we minded much.

She was obviously really excited about her gifts.

Here's to Love. Xoxox


The Superbowl had a few more fans this year.

Aimsley and her boyfriends, relaxing, taking in the game.


Our Valentine...

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Gif maker

I think I could watch this all day.


Welcome 2012

Always a sad day when the holidays come to an end and it's back to work and school. But the best part of the new year has been that Porter only has 3 classes (a nice break from 4) and 2 of them are online, so I no longer feel like a single mom! It is so nice to have him around more often...but I'm not sure he feels the same with me trying to sneak off to the gym every other night while daddy babysits. :)

But have I mentioned that this chick loves her Daddy??

Well she does.

January brought some new tricks for baby... I decided to try and sit her up for one of the first times, just to see what she'd do...then this happened.

She made me feel like a bad mom never removing her from her swing or exersaucer, or bumbo, or seat, or jumper :)))

I think this girl came standing right out of the womb, so naturally she loves this one. Porter even called her "sturdy" the other night. (On a side note I may have been called that a time or two growing up...mom, cough, cough. it's kinda a family joke.) So he was surprised when i lashed out at him and yelled to NEVER call her "sturdy" again!

We got a big snowstorm and knew Aims was dying to get out and play in the snow of course.

Look at our cute Babies :) Don't mind that a few short seconds after this pic was taken Indo chased after a dog and dropped Aimsley flat on the snow...she didn't mind.

Birthday Time

We forgot to mention that in 2011; along with having a child, Porter and I both turned another year older! Such over achievers, I know. Porter turnrd the big 3-OH back in september. Figured it was a big enough milestone for a surprise party...Here he is, looking so surprised!

And the surprisers:

All 30 candles, placed in a 30. Happy Birthday Hun!

We were in California on my actual Birthday and sadly, I don't think we got a single picture! I guess that's what you get for turning 27, that and for being born on December 29th. Everyone is sick of pictures. Here I am celebrating with friends in CO.

A California New Year

After Chistmas we flew out to Danville for some more celebrating. The celebrations included my birthday, the new year, and some good niece and nephew lovin'. most of the week was spent at this place:

We call it "The Ranch" but it's really not so much of ranch as it is a beautiful mansion built on hundreds of rolling acres and it's own private lake. (My sister and brother-in-law have the in.)

We spent the week riding dirt bikes, shooting shot guns, hiking, setting off fire works, having campfires, playing games, eating delicious food and having fun with friends and family.

Aimsley loved her first rides on 4 wheelers and the Mule.

Oh Mama Rach, always up for a good time.

Here is Ryan, Porter and the masses of children ringing in the new year at about 10:30pm. I can't tell who looks more excited about the poppers; the kids or the men?

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE