June 2012

JUNE! The heat is here...and I find my self being grateful every day that I am not pregnant this summer!! Because Porter has kind of been in between: school, new job, and even NEWER job we have been able to have an actual summer vacation. It has been so fun to have him around and to just hang out as a fam, working on projects, swimming, and playing.

 June means Aims is 9 months and officially on the move, although the sweet, content baby in her was okay with still hanging close the first part of the month...by the end of the month she really figured out how to "explore". But it's still been pretty fun cause she's not quite into EVERYTHING... yet (10 month update stull to come :)). We have loved watching her learn new things everyday. Her best tricks this month were mostly crawling and crawling faster, she's getting pretty good at walking holding on to furniture, or me, or her walker. But dancing is still probably our favorite trick she has and she learns new moves with each song. Flo Rida-"Wild Ones" is probably her favorite Jam at the moment. ))

Splashing in Indo's water bowl: aimsleys favorite thing.

She's knows she shouldn't be doing it...

Rockies Game with the Foulgers and Youngs

The Youngs an the babes in our $7 tickets in the Rock pile


Here's Aims helping daddy put up her deck swing. I just love how she crawls on her hands and feet on cement and grass....such a lady.

 FATHER'S DAY!!! An exciting first father's day here in the foulger fam. Daddy woke up to a yummy omelet and monkey bread breakfast, then we hung out, went to church had the foulgers and youngs over after for a "daddy steak BBQ" and games/dessert at the park.

I love this cute morning picture of these two. Porter truly is the best dad to our baby girl; of course I knew he would be long before we had Aims, but seeing him in action makes me the happiest girl. Aims and I are so blessed to have him, I love seeing how much he loves her and I'm so excited to watch his love grow and to have lots more babies with him that he can love love love! (notice the tie wreath around his neck :))

Love you Daddy!

Kinzie had a fun surprise 30th for kevin at a park with a little splash pad...here are some of the babies happily sitting dry while watching some kids run thru the cold water...

 And here they are after actually getting sprayed by the cold water. Hah!

Happy summer! Love, The Foulgers


Utah Valley Half Marathon

Porter and I signed up to run our 3rd half marathon a few months ago. Hoping my sister and husband would join us and that we would have supporters we decided to run the Utah Valley Half which started a mile past Sundance ski resort and finished at the Provo tabernacle/temple. Although my sister Nicole said she was for sure running with us...I was a bit skeptical considering she hadn't registered... But lucky for us, and after a possible illegal swiping of bibs; not only did she run but Ryan did as well!! It was a beautiful morning and so fun to have family to chat and laugh with. we ran the whole 13.1. Not the fastest pace, but was exciting to be done and especially to have fans at the finish line; Deb, Denise, Rebecca and our #1 fan: Aims of course!!!

Here we are, finishing strong!!

We Won!!!

Our fans even made a sign for us! And of course, Nikki and I were twinners.

Aimsley; so proud of her momma...or ready for a nap. Either way, go us!

The day before the race we spent a beautiful day in Park City with the Family. I sometimes forget how beautiful Utah is, especially up in Park City where it's not as warm in the summer and everything was so green.

 Cute Dad

We rode the Alpine slide AND coaster, we had never been on the coaster....SOOOOO fun. do it if you haven't, ride with someone, never put on any break, and scream real loud. 

And lucky for nikki, she had a BLAZE game to dance in the night of the race :))) So we all came out to support, and Ryan even got to dance in a number too!!

The Blaze season is over, Lucky for Aims and me, we were able to catch 3 games....number one fans.

Such a fun weekend, so happy we had family to support us and we could knock another race off the list!!


Memorial Day Weekend 2012

I grew up going camping every Memorial Day weekend (Big Sur...Whoop Whoop) and I think I've decided I want that for my little Family now. So to keep the tradition alive we drove about an hour and a half into the Rockies and found a camp site in Kenosha Pass. I think there were about 20 of us and 4 adorable babes...Aimsley's usual Boyfriends. 

They tried to be patient as all the Mommies and daddies set up camp and got dinner ready. Love these little ones.

Aimsley alone in time-out...she seems very upset about about it.

Aimsley loooooves Indo, I dont think we will ever get a picture with a baby and the dog looking at the camera at the same time. We will keep working on it though.

I love them.

 Aimsley slept fantastically even thru the adults playing an extremely loud game of Mafia around the campfire that lasted until about 2 am. Here she is playing in the pack and play waiting for mom and dad to stop being lazy and get her a bottle.

 Out sweet tent-room; perfectly fits our queen blow-up, pack n play, indos bed and luggage. 
 Aims's stink face..."stop taking pictures and get me some breakfast!"

Breakfast/gun shooting around the fire.

We went on a pretty hike on the Colorado Trail

I love this pic cause of course it's one of the cutest pictures we've captured of Aimsley and I'm looking more then ridiculous. And of course after we tried to take multiple shots to capture her darling smile and me looking like a human with no luck....thanks for keening us on our toes baby.
Hooray for camping, here's to hoping we get  to go a few more times before the summer's end!

The Graduate

May 12th 2012.  After 2 years, 3 moves,  1 baby and a few loans...Porter graduated with his MBA in Health Administration! We happily sat thru the over 2 hour freezing ceremony and cheered him on as he received his diploma . Lucky for us my mom, Porter's mom, his step dad and his younger brother all came out to show their love. So fun to have them, and especially fun because the next day was Mother's  Day! The night of graduation there was a graduation dinner  where Porter was awarded the "Students' Choice Award" which was given to him because his class voted him as "the best representative of the program!!! 

Fun weekend with family to help celebrate the Grad. I'm a proud wife, and so happy he's done! For those of you who don't know Porter accepted a job offer here in Denver for a health care consulting company called CGI and his first day was TODAY June 18th. Very exciting...next step: 40 hour work week, 10 Vacation days a year, and paying off student loans. Wish us luck!!!

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE