24 Weeks Pregnant: What Your Mama Doesn't Tell You

...No you're not just seeing things. My eyes ARE shrinking into my growing cheeks. Plus my face swells in the morning time...

...my other cheeks look similar to this mamas...

1. Nice day, wanting to get some exercise. Jog 100 yards, have to pee so bad I have to turn around and walk home. Saddest part: I actually consider that exercise. I guess I'll stick to swimming, a little pee never hurt anyone right? :) Just Kidding...mostly.
2. Bought a 400 dollar Dyson. Some call it nesting. I call it; the only way I'm not giving away our 80 pound hair-ball before baby arrives. (And yes, I did spend an entire friday evening vacuuming our 900 square foot apartment...Best. Night. Ever.)
3. Open the fridge, what am i looking for? Call my mom, why am I calling? Show up an hour early for work, show up an hour late. Burn yet ANOTHER tortilla. Im losing my mind.
4. Completely blow up at Porter, he has to leave the house and let me cool for a bit, he returns an hour later, I completely forget why I got so upset, he calmly reminds me it was because he used OUR bathroom instead of the guest bath to make DooDoo. Get mad all over again.
5a. I get mad and cry at Porter for not being interested in feeling our Tiny Ninja kick. Hours later get even more mad when he wants to touch me TOO much. I then laugh because he still has 3 more months of this...he crys.
5b. "Unreasonable". Porter's new word for me....can't figure out why.
6. Steve, the drive-thru guy at Taco Bell knows me all too well.
7. I pee my pants a little every time I sneeze...no thanks to allergy season, laundry's really been piling around here.
8. Our moon-lit lovers walk on the beach in Mexico was rudely interupted by one of us having to pop-a-squat in the sand half way through.
9. Is it wrong that I am much more weirded-out than in awe that I can feel actual baby's body parts from outside my belly?
10. I just learned it's good to eat certain fish while pregnant but to keep it to 12 ounces a week...Does it mean I'm a bad mother if I possibly ate 4 pounds of fish when we were in Mexico for 7 days?
11. Little lady's newest trick: wake up an hour before mom's alarm clock goes off in the morning and practice her karate moves. Oh the joys.
12. Catching your husband smile at any baby girl he sees...all worth it.

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Colorado LOVE