Baby Love

Stop growing baby! I keep telling her but she just wont listen. I know this is an obnoxious amount of photos, and I am so sad to admit that I think I have about a thousand more pictures of our baby on my stupid cell phone. Darn iPhones. Here she is in all her glory, I think the first picture is her the first day we brought her home, and the last was taken yesterday, when porter discovered the face she makes when he blows in her face. (Oh, the things we do to our children for a good laugh)

Aimsley has been such a blessing in our lives and quite the addition to our little home. Such a happy, giggling, squeaking, drooling, lovable baby girl.

New Born Shots

With Aimsley just 9 Days old our fantastic, talented friend Macquel took some pictures of our sweet little bundle. Although they look sweet and peaceful, all moms fail to tell you how much work these shots are; waiting for baby to fall asleep between each pose, sweating thru the heat of trying to keep a naked newborn warm, waiting for all the pee to dry up :) All jokes aside Macquel did an amazing job and we are so grateful that we have these.

Oh Dear I miss her this little, I miss her tan jaundice skin, I miss her sweet sleepyness, I miss her hair.... Baby #2 are you ready!?!? Just kidding. :)

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE