Spring Has Sprung

After about 7 long cold months, winter might actually be coming to a close here in Utah...All we have to say is bring it on!!!

I Pronounce You: CAM & TIA BOWEN

Cam and Tia really went through with it...April 26th 2008. The weekend was Jam-packed and we loved every minute, Porter and I concluded that weddings are so much more fun when they're not yours. Cam and especially Tia looked beautiful, and we are so happy for them. Our best friends marrying eachother!!! I don't think it get's better than that!!!

It all started off with a wedding dinner friday night at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building...here we are being oh so fearsome...as a foursome.

ELIZA came out for the event of course, and we had such a good time, it was so fun to spend time with her. I love you and miss you like crazy lize!!! Porter and I were lucky enough to attend their sealing..It was beautiful, you guys are such great examples and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Here we are waiting for them to come out of the Temple

...Trying to wait patiently although it looks nice and warm outside...it was really FREEZING!!!

Yay...they Really did it!!!Brittany baby...you're next!!!Boys will be boys
Tia's bridesmaids!!! So many, so crazy right nowSorry so many pictures and so many similar, we just couldn't help ourselvesThose are all our real eyes...honest.Keep me Warm hunky hubby!!!

Don't let this picture fool you...we were SO cold, the cute blonde to my right is Tias new sister-in -law; Cori, she's 95 lbs, and she really almost died!!!On to the RECEPTION

My darling mother-in-law, so gorgeous. Love you DebDancin' time, this band rules, they played at a school event a few years back and I had so much fun, after they performed I told them they're going to play ay my wedding someday. They didn't believe me. But, two years later there they were; playing at our wedding. Six months after that they played at chelsey's and six months after that Tia's. They seriously ROCK! Thanks Gearhead, we love you!

And...the're off. The boys filled their car with, well, trash, sorry Tia.Thanks Scoffields and Bowens for a great party and for two great kids, have fun on your honeymoon! And welcome to the married life. xoxo

Endowed Tia

Two weekends ago we had a fun-filled pre-wedding wedding weekend, first there was a shower for Tia, then on Saturday morning at SIX AM we biked a marathon in SLC with the scoffields, then had a BBQ at grandma and grandpa scoff's, then went to Tias endowment session. The weekend was a blast, we will get all the pictures up when we get the rest from friends..but here's a couple


Could they BE any cuter...

...We don't think so. Here's Drew, Carter, Coleman, and Sammie Lou, four of our nephews/nieces. Miss and love you cuties!!!


Happy Birthday Dick-Dick!

Happy Birthday Daddy, wish we could be there to celebrate it with you!!! Thanks for all that you do for us, we love you. P.S. Who's that old dude in the background? Who's he kidding, he'll never make it up Killi!

Bonfire season 2008 has officially begun...

This past weekend we went up Providence Canyon; Shot some skeet, cooked tin-foil-dinners, and tried to enjoy the some-what warm weather.

BOYS, GUNS, & DOGS: Don't you wish your Husband was HOT like mine...Don't-cha?
Tia finally found the final member to complete our FEARSOME FOURSOME!!! Aren't we so feirce...except for michelle, who looks mentally hanicapped?
The lovely ladiesYou let him know who's boss Indo!

Cam Bowen's "Man-Shower"

Porter and some of his buddies put together a male-wedding party for Cam, or as Porter called it; a man-shower. Port brought Cam a pretty sweet costume to wear to dinner... including a "ball and chain" prepping Cam for a blissful marriage :) Sorry Tia... The boys all pitched in and bought Cam a new X-Box...again, sorry Tia
Party on, Rock Band!!!


Taylors come to Logan

Mom and Dad Taylor came into town to watch Nikki's end of the year dance show
Our little princess... Nikki danced her booty off as usual, it was fun to watch
Porter and his many ladies out to eat after the show
Thanks mom and dad for coming out, it was a lot of fun, love you and see you soon!

Tia's Getting Married!!!

...And she couldn't be happier... We had a shower for her at our place, we had a good time and she got some fun stuff...
And as you can see, some extremely SEXY stuff :)...
We love you Tia, and are so excited for you and Cam, only two and a half more weeks till the wedding! yay, thanks to everybody who helped out with the shower.

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE