28 Weeks Pregnant; What Your Mama Doesn't Tell You

1. Tying my shoes has become quite the task. Anything of the sort really; picking up anything from off the ground, getting up from the couch, out of the car, off the toilet.
2. At my last appointment Doc happily said "Looking very good Michelle, looks like you gained 5 pounds last month. Excellent!"
It took all I had in me not to kick him in the crotch...then when he looks up at me sad and confused say, "You know why!" (watch the movie What happens in Vegas)
3. Don't judge me if I don't shave my bikini line all summer. I can't see it.
4. Just realized baby has been having hiccups for the past month. It's all cute and adorable until it's midnight and the darling hiccups don't stop for 45 minutes straight.
5. My mind has not quite caught up with my growing body parts. Therefore I see a space I think I can fit through no problem but my butt (belly, boobs, you name it) gets a rude awaking when I ram straight into the counter, or doorknob, or car door, etc. I have the bruises to prove it.
6. Here is our shower stall...

Small for a regular person. I think I'll be lucky to be able to close the door in 2 months.
7. Had my Glucose test last month. While waiting the full 60 minutes to get my blood drawn I'm pretty sure I puked 95% of my bright orange sugar drink up. Turns out I passed with flying colors. No one tell my Doctor why.
8. My little sister is getting married in a week in a half. I tried on my size 14 dress she bought for the knocked-up bridesmaid. Let's just say they do make maternity clothes for a reason, turns out 7th month pregnant women don;t seem to fit in even plus size dresses.:) Sorry I'm ruining your wedding Nikki xoxoxo
9. No, we do not have a name picked out. No, the babies room is not ready. And Yes...I still have 2 and a half months left. Yikes!
10. Having your Husband drive from garage sale to garage sale wife-less looking for an "eggs-er-saucer"...priceless.


Four Years Strong

Our Anniversary came and went, filled with work and unpacking our house. I had big plans in mind to go somewhere nice to eat, go to a movie (which we haven't done in months), and loose 10 lbs. Those somehow all failed but we did end up having a great night with a sunset dog-walk, take-out sushi (don't worry, only cooked crab rolls for me), and a red-boxed Country Strong. I even got dressed up for the night but quickly changed back into Porter's shirt and comfy santa PJ's when we came home with food and movie.

I believe on our third anniversary we received our wedding video....no thanks to the video company going under before finishing our pre-paid purchase :) Therefore I know many of you have not seen it. I can only get the first of three downloaded so here is the first part of our day....second song is our luncheon, quite boring but fun for P and I to have. It's so fun to remember that amazing day (minus the weather). I can honestly say it was the happiest day of my life. Although I miss my flat tummy and Porter his full head of hair, these past four years have been so full of love and laughter. I have Porter to thank for that, he is the greatest husband and I thank my Father in Heaven for that everyday. I cannot wait to start our family together and watch him become the greatest dad.

May the Fourth be with You from Michelle Foulger on Vimeo.

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE