Count my MANY blessings:
  • A loving husband, who officially after 2 and a half years of marriage doesn't have to be asked(nagged) to make the bed, unload the dishwasher or find something to eat by himself when I'm not home.
  • Living so close to a wonderful mother and sister...who may or may not need the occasional babysitter, furniture mover, laundry do-er, holiday box-mover...etc. (wouldn't change it for the world you two :))
  • Amazing, loving friends who...for the most part live hundreds of miles away yet I still feel closer than ever to.
  • Coming home to the craziest, hairiest, happiest dog in the world.
  • My mom's house at Christmas.
  • My mother-in-law's home cooking.
  • My loving, adorable, crazy nieces and nephews.
  • My testimony of the true meaning of this Holiday season which tends to keep me somewhat grounded when I want to buy EVERYTHING for everyone.

Spent Thanksgiving weekend with the Fam, beautiful weather, lots of Turkey, dirt biking, sardine playing, and gun shooting.

See for yourself:

Don't know how to make it bigger for y'all to see better....anyone know...? Tia?


Halloween 2009

80's Halloween, murder mystery dinner Party...+ 12 pack Rockstars+ spooky cabin in the woods + dance parties +6 best friends ='s One SWEET Halloween.
Our dedicated friends drove out from SLC to spend Halloween with us in Tahoe. We had quite the marathon weekend of hiking, eating, dancing, bon fire-ing, and scary movie watching.

Classic Porter. As we all sat around the campfire talking, we realized we were missing someone. There's Port, standing like a freaky freak off in the trees.

What's a holiday with out Mormon drinking games???

Take 'er down Tia.

These pictures don't quite capture the weekend, but it was WILD. Thanks so much for coming out and being such amazing friends Bowen's, Cope and Terese. See y'all and a few weeks! xoxoxoxo



Not quite sure who I should be more proud of; USU kicking BYU's butt in basketball...or my scandalous little sister, and cousin cheering them on???

You be the Judge:


Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE