Porter's dad's funeral/memorial was about a week after he passed in January. We were able to drive out to Alton, Ut to attend it.
Alton is quite the town, for those of you who have never heard of it; (hopefully everyone) Alton is about an hour and a half north east of St. George. It's population is 132 and I believe 130 of them are active LDS. Although it blows my mind how incredibly small it is...it sure is beautiful, and the residents have giant hearts, who all truly loved David.

The Foulger side of the family owned a big piece of land in Alton, and David has always loved the town, the great people and even the tiny-ness of it all believe it or not. He has lived in Alton off and on thrughout his life. A few years ago he started his life long dream of building his own home in his favorite place. besides a few finishing touches he was able to complete his home before he became too sick. Th finished product is pretty amazing, he did a wonderful job. The home is customized, effeciant, and beautiful. We were all so grateful he was able to accomplish his house before his passing, and hopefully many will be able to enjoy it knowing the builder was such a wonderful man.

Porter spoke at the service, he was a little nervous but of course did an amazing job re-calling some of the greatest moments he spent with his father; on the hill, skiing.

Our bestest friends were also able to make the long trek down frim SLC; Cam, Mark, Britt, and the Bowens. We are so thankful for them, their support, love and friendship. We love you guys and were so grateful you were able to make it, meant a lot.

And Deb sure was a proud mama getting to have all four of her kids at the same place, at the same time. Steph and David (porter's older sister and hubby) flew out from St Louis...yay! (oh Jordan, some things never change)

Oh Cam, although you are a little red-headed height-challenged boy we still love you to death and know you are quite the CATCH!...Ladies??
(above) Classic.

And of course we couldn't leave with out showing off Alton's STOP signs. These are for real, they only have about 4 STOP signs in town but you sure do notice them!?

Porter with a couple of his step siblings; Hanna and Hank. He has four so we're missing Jared and Carmella but these two are closest Porter in age and it was great to spend time with them and re-call old high school memories of living in Alton with their dad.
(quite the stories! yikes!)



Superbowl Sunday was spent in Sandy this year, we hung out with family and friends and ate lots and lots of football snacks! The boys even "rented" TV from Walmart...Deb was not too happy about that but it sure was nice to watch the game on!

Cousins came over, they're getting so big!
steelers' cheerleading section
Brandi was even able to stop by! She's one of my oldest college friends, she was actually the first cool girl I met the day I moved into the dorms which I was so grateful for. Since then, she has moved many many times, served a mission in Japan and is now living back in Utah. I love that girl and was so happy to catch up with her. And you all know Tia of course, but did you know she does hair?! Just one of her many talents really. Thanks T.
And of course we didn't miss Jordan's birthday, 17! wowza

Welcome 2009

After Christmas we continued the annual tradition of Tahoe, skiing, birthday, new years fun!

The little Ed kids were quite the skiin fools

We all had high hopes for Carter and his first time skiing...ended up into a little disaster and of course him and Sammie ruining each other.

The Foulger's put on quite the new years' fire work show. I think we set them off at about 7:30 PM and we were all asleep by 10. Rockin New Years for us!

The famous sledding hill!

My darling mother-in-law surprised me with an early birthday party in utah with a home-made carrot cake! yummmmm, my favorite. Thanks cute Deb, you're the best.

And I celebrated my real birthday in Tahoe! 24, Yikes.

And ended the trip with some more skiing, look at those rockstar grandparents!


Not so White Christmas '08

This year we spent Christmas with my family in California. It was filled with lots of family, food, and good memory making moments.

We did the traditional San Francisco trip to see the lights and just enjoy the Holiday atmosphere.

Here's the happy couple in about 10 years or so. (I'm thinking we can just time-share my sister's kids till we retire, then we'll pass them back off of course.)

Sisterly love. (bec, it's possible that the blonds are taking over!)
Whos kid's are these?? (above)

Also in December we went out to phoenix to bless the newest addition of our family; Kate Colette Damron. She's 5 months now and beautiful.
While there we got to ride the polar express and meet SANTA! Porter was extra excited.

And who knew the north pole had a pool?

This shot is one of my all-time favorites. Baby Got Back.?
Baby Kate's blessing. Classic Carter shot.
Gotta love Christmas Morning shots

Santa brought us season passes! Isn't he the best?! Pretty sure that's another reason why we'll hold out on kids for another 10 to 12 years.

Wowza, all and all we had a fantastic Christmas, thanks to all, already can't wait till 2009!

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE