32 Weeks Pregnant: What Your Mama Doesn't Tell You

32 Weeks

34 Weeks

1. My feet have grown a half size in length AND width
2. My belly button hasn't popped out...should I be happy or worried.
3. Each maternity shirt I own is acquiring more and more food stains around the mid-section...? Weird
4. I don't trust myself with anything fragile, any full glass/bowl, or remembering anything important. I'm like a child
5. I thought I was being financially smart by putting off getting everything ready for baby, didn't want to get her whole room ready then just sit around and buy stuff...now at 8 months pregnant I'm too tired to get anything done, at my pace everything will be ready by about her 1st Birthday.
6. Sometimes I can't tell if I am being lazy or if I literally just can't get up once I sit down.
7. Instead of me walking Indo, he walks me.
8. Aaaand the laundry begins:

9. My speedo swimsuit is not stretching fast enough with my growing body parts, I'm looking a little riskay in the chest area for the 24 hr fitness pool.
10. Little ninja is finally packing some heat in her kicks, I get startled so easily they always scare me, I gasp loudly, Porter rushes over wondering if everything is okay. I'm always "false alarming" him, by the time the real deal happens he's never going to believe me. :)
11. SLURPEES! Can't get enough of them.
12. Six More Weeks People!
13. Watching Porter happily fold size "new born" pink onsies...makes everything worth it.


Wedding Continued

The day continued with more Pictures, a beautiful reception and a rockin Dance party...I will hopefully post some of those awesome photos soon. Here is my wonderful Family; my two older sisters, their hubbies, their model children and my "GILF" of a mama :) Why my sister chose to get married while I would be 32 weeks pregnant is beyond me. I got knocked up BEFORE she got engaged....crazy mormons. We had a ball, one nephew got a concussion the morning of, (the youngest blondie) and one fell into the pond during the dance party. Success.

Wedding Weekend

The Wedding!

Baby Sister got married weekend before last in the Oakland Temple. She married this handsome Gent: Ryan Barlow of Sandy Utah (where all the good ones ore from) She looked beautiful, weather was AMAZING, and the family had a reason to party which is always a good thing.

The ceremony was beautiful, Brad and Scott barely made it from the hospital (because of Wesley's concussion). All the cousins, nieces and nephews waited to greet the newly weds. Then on to the many photos at the Temple. So many photos, that Porter and the kids had to take a little snack break:)

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE