From Danville to Dublin to Denver

Porter and I are officially in Denver. School started last week for Port and the first thing he said when he got home Monday night was "So...I'm not at USU any more." Welcome to Graduate school my love. Besides all of the studying over all Denver has treated us well.

After a long drive from California we arrived at our "new" apartment a little...shocked. Let's just say that we will NEVER be choosing a place to live over the Internet with out seeing it in real life AGAIN. EVER. So, after one scary night on an air mattress and apartment hunting the entire next day we have moved into a place I wont have to carry my pepper spray in my bra at all times. :) We do not have internet yet but as soon as we do I will be posting pictures.

For now I am job hunting and getting to know the city, Porter is working and studying, and Indo is loving the most dog-populated city in the country...he has definitely made the most friends. We miss our friends and family but are happy to be only a couple states away.


Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE