Happy Birthday Mama Tucker!

Happy Birthday Debbie! We love you and are excited to celebrate your day with you! You're the greatest , thanks for your constant love and support.

Love your favorite son and daughter-in-law; Porter and Michelle


A Night with Kalai

For those of you who don't know who Kalai is, you're missing out, download some of his jams. He calls his music "urban-vintage" and he's pretty amazing. He's an LDS artist and I'm sure all you Utahns' have heard his stuff one way or another. He is originally from Alaska but he and his family are currently living in the Salt Lake area. Our friends Quinn and Lindsay have some connections and he offered to play in their backyard! Port and I have been to a couple of his concerts up at Utah State but it was pretty cool to hear him in such an intimate setting. He is a great guy, and an extremely talented musician. If you're listening to our playlist right now; this is him, and if you click the first you tube icon you'll hear him perfom one of our favorite songs on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. It was fun cause he was part part comedian, part musician...who knew?

We also got to hang out with Mark, shaylie, Britt and Jacob which is always a good time

Rock on Kalai

Porter's Last First Day of School

Porter started school at the University of Utah last week. He's got three more classes to go then he's done! Who knows if he is actually done with school I guess, but with his under-grad at least. Either way, he sure looks good for his possible last first day.

The Real "Loud Family"

Mother's Day: Sunday Dinner at the Tuckers

My family has nic-named my oldest sister Rachel and her three kids "the loud family", of course there are louder families than theirs out there but I'm not quite sure if any of them can top my Aunt-in-laws three girls Olivia, Emily, and Sarah. These girls are the cutest yet loudest things you'll ever meet, and of course, they can't leave Porter alone, what kind of girl could really? :)

I told sarah to smile and she gave me this pose, dead serious.
But we had a wonderful mother's day, great food and great family. Thanks Tuckers!!!


Ode To Our Mothers

Happy Mom's day to the two greatest mom's anybody could ask for. We love you Denise and Debbie so much. Thank you for your constant love and support you give to us, you are so beautiful inside and out. And we decided that having two amazing moms is the greatest gift of marriage!!!

And of course, happy mothers day to all the mother's in our lives; Debbi Foulger, our sisters; Stephanie, Rachel, and Rebecca, and our Grandmothers; Grandma Ski, Tucker, Taylor, Foulger, Dalebout, and of course Grandma Felt. We are so blessed by all of your examples to us, we love you all and appreciate your strength, your love, and all you have taught us. But most of all thank you for your testimonies of the gospel that shine through all you do. With out a doubt you have helped us become the people we are today. We love you all so very much!

Bee's Game

For our friend Kory's birthday we went to dinner and the the Salt Lake Bee's Game. We got to the game a little late and as we were walking in it seemed as if everyone was flooding out, the score was 1-8 in the 5th inning. But thanks to out cheering and good luck they actually ended up winning the game; 9-8.

It was pretty fun hanging out with all our old single friends...we were the only married couple there...now looking back, we were the only couple period. We sure love those guys though. Oh, and kory, Welcome to the 27-year-old virgin club. That is one club Porter is proud to NOT be a member of. :)

And the best part of the game was that we ran into Jayleen. Isn't she such a cutie.
Jay baby, it was good to see ya and we are excited to hopefully play with you and Clint this summer!

4943 Marilyn Drive

Our Summer home! Thanks to the Felt family we will be living in Porter's Grandma's home in Holladay. We moved in last week and have really enjoyed it, although Indo might be the most grateful due to the half acre of land he gets to run around in. We are so grateful for Debbie and all that she has done for us and our new home!

One Year Down...Eternity To Go

May 4th, 2008. So we have been Married for a whole year, and still like each other! We spent the weekend in Park City. We stayed at resort at the base of Park City Ski Mountain.

We went to Park City in hopes to Mountain Bike...due to Utah's winter lasting till MAY we were forced to rent road bikes and take a nice, beautiful ride...which ended up being the ride of our lives. Over 3 hours we basically rode up two mountains and all the while trying to out-ride the storm coming in. But once we got back and re-fueled we really had a great time and it was an amazing work out.

Who's that studly man???

There's Porter telling me to stop whining and catch up :)

Whew, we had such a good time. I love you more and more every day Porter, thank you for the amazing weekend and most of all the greatest year of my life. I'm so blessed to have you and your love Forever and Ever!!!

We're College Grads!

We actually did it. It's bye, bye Logan, Utah for us. All in all, we are a little sad to leave the place we met, fell madly in love, wed, and spent our first married year, but... we are ready to leave and are we are excited to start our next adventure. I received a bachelor's degree in Social Work, Porter will graduate with a Finance degree in August after finishing his last 3 classes at the U of U.

We will miss little Nikki and pray she will be able to make it in Logan with out us. We love you Nikki and going to college with you for a year was so fun, you're such a fun sister and can't wait to play with you this summer!

For all of you that don't know about the Utah State "A"...It's a platform on campus that a couple stands on, kisses each other, which makes them a "true Aggie". As we can all guess; Nicole must be a "true Aggie" by ten-fold...but we thought this was a pretty comical pic

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE