Memorial Day Weekend 2012

I grew up going camping every Memorial Day weekend (Big Sur...Whoop Whoop) and I think I've decided I want that for my little Family now. So to keep the tradition alive we drove about an hour and a half into the Rockies and found a camp site in Kenosha Pass. I think there were about 20 of us and 4 adorable babes...Aimsley's usual Boyfriends. 

They tried to be patient as all the Mommies and daddies set up camp and got dinner ready. Love these little ones.

Aimsley alone in time-out...she seems very upset about about it.

Aimsley loooooves Indo, I dont think we will ever get a picture with a baby and the dog looking at the camera at the same time. We will keep working on it though.

I love them.

 Aimsley slept fantastically even thru the adults playing an extremely loud game of Mafia around the campfire that lasted until about 2 am. Here she is playing in the pack and play waiting for mom and dad to stop being lazy and get her a bottle.

 Out sweet tent-room; perfectly fits our queen blow-up, pack n play, indos bed and luggage. 
 Aims's stink face..."stop taking pictures and get me some breakfast!"

Breakfast/gun shooting around the fire.

We went on a pretty hike on the Colorado Trail

I love this pic cause of course it's one of the cutest pictures we've captured of Aimsley and I'm looking more then ridiculous. And of course after we tried to take multiple shots to capture her darling smile and me looking like a human with no luck....thanks for keening us on our toes baby.
Hooray for camping, here's to hoping we get  to go a few more times before the summer's end!

The Graduate

May 12th 2012.  After 2 years, 3 moves,  1 baby and a few loans...Porter graduated with his MBA in Health Administration! We happily sat thru the over 2 hour freezing ceremony and cheered him on as he received his diploma . Lucky for us my mom, Porter's mom, his step dad and his younger brother all came out to show their love. So fun to have them, and especially fun because the next day was Mother's  Day! The night of graduation there was a graduation dinner  where Porter was awarded the "Students' Choice Award" which was given to him because his class voted him as "the best representative of the program!!! 

Fun weekend with family to help celebrate the Grad. I'm a proud wife, and so happy he's done! For those of you who don't know Porter accepted a job offer here in Denver for a health care consulting company called CGI and his first day was TODAY June 18th. Very exciting...next step: 40 hour work week, 10 Vacation days a year, and paying off student loans. Wish us luck!!!

May 2012

May was a good month for the Foulger Fam. May means Aimsley is 8 months and learning more tricks by the hour. Waiving, clapping, pulling up on things, "so big", "peek a boo", scooting, and my personal fave...DANCING (more like bobbling her head whenever she hears music, but ill take it!) just to name a few.                          

Kissing/open mouth nose bite, one of her faves in May. It's especially fun with the 8, Yes...EIGHT teeth she had by 8 months. Just one of the reasons we were done nursing at about 7 and half months.

Daddy Lovin'...this is nothing new, but when daddy finished school and had more time to play, aimsley grew that much more attached.

We also had a couple of fun purchases...both for Porter. But I have certianly benefitted from the yummy food that has come from the new grill.

May equaled 5 years wedded!!! Like each day and every year I am so blessed to be with Porter, dont think I could dream of a better husband and Father. Thanks to our friends the youngs for babysitting we had a perfect night of sushi; me, eating a dragon roll, and finally seeing Hunger Games!!!!
Happy Anniversary to us.             

Aims Loves herself some Bath time

After a BBQ with friends we had a pretty serious session of reverse charades, Girls won of course.

Thanks May!!!!


Model Shots

We don't mean to brag...
but I mean come on! My friend Sally took these and I am in love, they capture the sweetness of this little lady so well.  Here's Aimsley Mae at about 7 and a half months. Every parent tells you the the glory months are between 6 and 9 months, with your first baby you don't quite know what that means until they are 9 months...which Aimsley is now :( But now that she is officially all over the place and starting to get into things I can attest that 6-9 months was amazing, she just sat, smiled, cooed, played with toys, sat, drooled, sat, slept, laughed, ate, sat, pooped, and basically made us fall more and more in love with her each day.

We are so blessed to have this little nugget in our family and can't imagine life with out her. xoxo


Back in April Aimsley and I went to Phoenix to meet the newest cousin; Chloe Jane. Born at 5 lbs 10oz she was tiny and tan and had a full head of hair. Aimsley is already jealous. These two ladies are 6 months apart and will be in the same grade!! Yay. It was so fun to help and hang out with my sisters cute kids for the week. Rachel, cole and Drew also came out from CA for a few days, Aimsley loved playing with cousins and appreciated all the action. And not to play favoritees but Cousin Drew may have won aimsleys heart by dancing for her every chance he got. It was adorable.

Here are the newest editions to the Taylor Fam. We kept calling Aimsley "Giant Baby" :(((

Even though it was only April, being in Phoenix still meant swimsuit time!

I captured Aims's nortorious "poop face" pretty good :)

Cousin Kate being a good sharer. So sweet.

We got to watch this little man, Carter, play some baseball games. Here he is at Catcher; his favorite position. But we even saw a home run!

Here are the two babes...one of these looks bigger than the other...

Cousin Drewbies moves.

We had the baby girls pose for a tutu photo shoot, so sweet...

Here's big sister Kate, feet away, not too happy about the babies getting all the attention

Nothing a little hunt for another tutu, a quick bun, and a smile can't fix!

So fun to be with family and meet sweet Chlo-Bug!

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE