March Madness

Here in Colorado March was full of beautiful warm weather, so we took advantage of it. (Sorry for the over-load of photos)

Pretty soon here I will have a dedicated "Mama Day" post but there is a group of about 6ish new stay-at-home moms (give or take a couple) who get together once a week and do cool things like this: Hike.

Or we do lunch, or craft, or all of those things. It's been fun to discuss our baby woes, and realize that you're not the only one who hangs out in PJ's all day when you only have one baby. :)

As I was looking thru our month of March pictures I realized that the majority of them featured the other Foulgers. Kevin and Kinzie Foulger went to Utah State where Porter and I knew Kevin but more recently met Kinzie when they moved to Colorado about a year ago. They have an adorable little guy Calum who turned 1 in March. Kevin learned that he and Porter share the same Great Great Great Grandfather. So we figure it's still cool if our babies want to make their own babies together someday.

Kinzie threw Calum a "monster" theamed B-day bash.

Here is another one of Aimsley's boyfriends: Thomas...Here they are, just enjoying the party. I love these pictures. Aimsley obviously looks awesome in this one.

Just as awesome as Tommy looks in this one. Aimsley was way into this stink face for a couple months. It's Porter's fave.

They are buddies.

Here are the babes; racing their "monster-trucks" Aimsley was a wreck and didn't enjoy her ride too much.

Nothin' a little cake pop couldn't fix.

We went on a St. Patties Day hike. Oh Indo, always showing off his back-side.

Sleepy Baby.

Our biggest March Adventure was a last-minute-conference-weekend-camping-trip. Knowing the other Foulgers are always up for an adventure; the tin foil dinners were made, wood was chopped, Pack n' Plays packed, 80 degree weather was still on, and we were A GO. (SOOOO much more packing with a child...wow.) But the babes loved the great out-doors.

We went on a sunset bikeride once we got camp set up...and the little ones shared a romantic trailer-ride.

Besides a small wimper when Daddy had to get up and go to the bathroom at 3AM, Aims slept like a champ and enjoyed her breakfast beside an early morning camp-fire.

Happy Campers.

After Breakfast we went on another scenic bike ride around the lake. Not too much makes Aimsley upset, but she did NOT enjoy her bike-ride. Sure made for an enjoyable ride for adults. Or not.

But someone did enjoy her hike in her backpack though. Love that little face,

Thanks for the fun, Foulger-filled March Foulgers!

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE