Best. Christmas Card. EVER.

Jolly Holidays! from Tia Bowen on Vimeo.

Thanks for makin' us look so in-love and dang good Tia!


Meet two of my Nephews...

Yeah, they're pretty cool. Ten and seven...and yes, they DID go to church like that.


San Francisco For the Sistas

Spent a much needed Ladies weekend in Danville a couple weeks ago. We had the ultimate girls weekend filled with manicures, pedicures, shopping, eating, movies and staying up late laughing. SOME of us even squeezed a 6 mile run into it as well. Spent a day in the city where I have NEVER had better weather, I was preparing for snow-ski attire on 8:00am in November in San Francisco, but it was a blue-bird 70 plus degrees. Crazy.

In my sister Rachel's words; preparing for the weekend mostly went down like this: (keep in mind we are all on a 5-way phone call)

Michelle: Come on ladies it will be fun, lets run a race in San Francisco. It's only a 10K.
Nicole: Yes! I'm in, I just ran 7 miles this morning.
Rachel: Really? Can't we just get together and hang out?
Denise: I'll only do it if someone will walk with me.
Rebecca: Nope - no fun. I have been working my tail off out here in Phoenix - no way am I coming on a trip to wake up early and run.

Michelle and Nikki talked us all into it. Airplane tickets were bought, babysitters arranged, just one small item overlooked - signing us up for the race. According to 3 of us - AWESOME!! We had a great weekend of shopping, eating and movies. Then on race day, the young ones woke us all up and convinced us of taking them to the City so they could "sneak in." As we pull up we hear the starting gun go off and the announcer yell "They're off!" Out of the car hop Michelle and Nicole and run through the starting point 3 minutes behind the pack. Us oldies walked it far behind them. The weather was GREAT - I've never seen a nicer day by the bay. We finished it off with a walk across the Golden Gate Bride. Fun Weekend.

(Thanks for letting me plagiarize your blog Rach, takes me right back to high school. Copy. Paste. Done.)

Newport Beach with the Ladies

Last month Me mom and two of the three sisters flew to Southern California for cousin Breanna's wedding. Quick trip with beautiful weather, good company and even better dancing!!!

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE