These Days

Today was Denver's first snow! Although we are so excited for the ski season the fall has been so beautiful here. In reality Porter spends most of his time studying and working and me nannying and watching all my shows, but we try to have SOME fun as well.

We went on a hike to try and find fall colors but we pretty much just found mountains with pine trees.

Here we are being bandits because we may or may not have "accidentally" taken our sweet bandana napkins from the restaurant home with us.

Last weekend we had friends visit for the Halloween weekend. We spent it making yummy meals, carving pumpkins, decorating spooky cookies and having scary movie marathons.

We had a pumpkin carving competition us vs. Cam & Tia vs. Blake & Terese...Here is our spooky final product. (totally took 1st place :))

Here is the Bowens carved pumpkin....if you look closely you can see Edward scissor-hands, right? Ha, Tia could have gotten a little frustrated half-way thru.

We all drove down to Colorado Springs to go to a University if Utah football game. They beat Air Force Academy which was a pretty fun game, got to see a bunch of skydivers and jets even flew over before kick-off. But most importantly we ate at a favorite BBQ place called Rudy's. We grew to love this place when we lived in Austin but haven't had it since. YUMMMMM.

After the game we drove up to Breckenridge and stayed a couple nights in a condo just below the slopes. Sadly we didnt take many pictures :( but it was fun, it was snowing and we hung out in the picturesque mountain-downtown. THe saddest part of the weekend was the burnt apple-pie. POrter was so excited to eat it he thought it would be a good idea to turn the oven on broil to make it cook faster....here is the result. :( We had an amazing halloween weekend, so fun to be with friends in the mountains

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE