Spring Break 2008

Snowboarding at Beaver to kick off the break. Our welcoming party into San Diego.
Hanging out on the Peir Y'all got tickets to the gun show???Porter and Drewby at the Zooby
Lovely Ladies, at the petting Zoo

Carter at his best.

Just pictures of us get boring so we decided to put boring pictures of other peoples' kids.

Nascar in Vegas with the Edgrens

Road tripped to beautiful Las Vegas with the Edgrens. Weekend full of NASCAR, walking the strip, freezing by the pool, meeting Brads client Braidy, and partying sin-city style with the Eds (the Eds with OUT kids that is...which is pretty crazy, if you haven't tried it yet we highly suggest it). Carl Edwards Won!!! Famous victory back flip!
Couldn't miss the Belagio Water show
And of course, there was a santa convention...what happens in vegas stays in vegas, eh?
Oh, just hanging out by the four seasons pool with REGIS...sorry boys, kelly was no where to be seen


Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE