Baby Room Reveal

I wish I had a better camera to capture the true essence of start to finish. Guess you will all just have to come visit to see it (...and her I suppose) in real life) :) Trying to get baby's room together all while you're SUPER pregnant is quite the task. Thanks to IKEA, Hobby Lobby, my man-slave: Porter and Craigslist we stayed fairly close to budget. (Porter would answer differently)

I really could not have gotten much of anything done without the help of my man-servant and one true love Porter. He has been amazingly patient with me over the past 39 weeks and especially here at crunch-time. He has gloriously had the past 3 weeks off from school where he would come home from work to a new "honey-do" list each night...the list was always endless but he did it all with a smile and for that I am beyond words grateful. Here are just a few of him in action.

Helping me model baby gifts and running ENDless trips to babies R us and Target.

My dumpster-dive rocking chair that I forced him to sand, re-sand, stain, and paint....all while knowing that I may end up being practical and switch it out for a super nice glider we got from Porter's co-worker :) I just couldn't resist though, it's my favorite part of the room. :)

Oh, all the leveling, hanging, assembling, painting, the millions of: "How does this look hun?".....

I love you!!! Now let's get this little lady here so she can boss you around too :) J/k, but seriously.


36 Weeks Pregnant: What Your Mama Doesn't Tell You

Not sure if both names will be full name or maybe first name Aimsley, middle name Mae...time will tell.

Two more weeks PEOPLE!

1. No matter how many times they tell you...no one can prepare you for the uncomfortable-ness of the 9th month.
2. On the plus side, I officially have a food shelf :)
3. I haven't been able to see my ankle bones in 2 weeks. (glorious swelling)
4. Sleeping. A thing of the past.
5. We babysat our friend's new baby boy for a few hours yesterday. He cried about 80% of the time. Porter was gone when I woke up this morning...reality may be finally sinking in for him.
6. Still waiting for that "nesting" thing to kick in. I have more of the "sit, be tired, and can't move" thing going on.
7. I think I had Porter buy my 7th carton of tums last week.
8. In hopes of going into labor any day now, I have been trying to shower, blow-dry my hair, and pick up the house every day. But the better part of me knows that the one day I look like a greasy, un-makeuped cow and the house is a complete stinky disaster will be the day it actually ends up happening.
9. I think my friend Rachel says it best:
(I think it will make you watch it on the actual you tube website...still worth it :))

"Uhhhhhhh, Get out, Get out, GET OUT, GET OUT!!" She couldn't have said it better.

10. Walking in on your hubby packing "his" hospital bag, totally worth it. :)


80 Miles Strong

Just in case anyone has been wondering what Porter has been doing while I sit around and gain 30 pounds...my hunky husb has been biking himself into tip top condition. Just this last Saturday he biked the "Copper Triangle"; 3 separate mountain passes that form an 80 mile triangle. Being the good wife that I am, I drove up to catch him at the finish-line....never mind that he flew by so quickly I missed the ACTUAL finish :) Don't worry, I made him re-do it so I could catch him on video :) I will post later.

Although jealous of his capableness that I can't imagine having back someday far away...I was an extremely proud wife screaming like a crazy person at the finish. Good job lover, next time, let's cross a finish line together. xoxo

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE