California Love

We have had a pretty good summer here in the SLC, but last month we spent 2 weekends in a row in California and I have not gotten around to posting them. We had a great time, vacations are the best~! We hit the beach in Pajaro for a Taylor Family reunion

We went to a Giants Baseball game, here's spoiled Carter with his new SF Giants glove and ball AND hat

After the baseball game we were off to Lake tahoe for the 4th of July Here we all are on the boat getting ready to watch the fireworks on the lake, beautiful.The next weekend we went to Danville for Coleman's baptism, we mostly just hung out by the pool and relaxed.Is there anything cuter than a 2-year-old in a bikini???

Congrats on your baptism Cole, we love ya!


The Whole 13.1 Miles

So, we are sure that you're all dying to know how our big half marathon race went...now looking back on it it was awesome and we are so happy we ran it. During the race, I don't know if we felt the same...especially me cause I got some pretty horrible stomach cramps at about mile 8.5.

The past 10 weeks we have been "training" for the big race which took place in Bryce canyon. Training was going well up until about 2 weeks before the race, that's when we lost our steam and went to California 2 weekends in a row. Anyways, all and all we did well, we both finished in just over 2 hours, the weather was perfect and the scenery was beautiful.
Here we are lookin ready to run at about 5:45amAnd we're off, all 1300 of us. If you look closely you can see Porter in the middle of the pack waiving.Thanks to my cute father-in-law we got some pictures through out the race, he also drove us to the starting point, which meant waking up at 4 AM! and waited for us at the finish lineThis is about Mile 4 Mile 6ish
And of course Indo was our biggest fan, cheerin us along all the way!
...Who knows what mile...

Yeah, we made it!!! Alright TEAM FOULGER!


The Race is ON

Everybody wish us luck, we are headed south to run a 1/2 marathon...tomorrow!!! Yikes! We will be sure to let you know how it goes!


Porter Gets Lasik

After a much needed 26 years of dealing with contacts, glasses, and bad vision Porter got Lasik eye surgery. Porter's long time friend Jared works for a doctor who performs Lasik so we had it done thru them. As of now he is still in recovery but things are looking good...literally!

Say bye to those glasses hun

Here is the screen I was able to watch to see what was going on

And after about 12 minutes...he was done!

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE