I'm a nanny again!

So, I'm sure you'll all be seeing much much more of these little cuties but meet Whitney and Griffin Williams. I'm nannying them over the summer. They are two adorable, fun kids. Whitney's 4 and Griff just turned 2, they live in a beautiful home in Park City, and I'm extremely excited to spend the summer with them. And I'll be sure to let you all know if this experience ends up giving me baby fever or if it will be amazing birth control! I'm banking on the latter. :)

Oh To Be a Dog

On a warm day last week we called for our darling dog Indo,... after looking high and low we found him here...in a nice, cool, refreshing mud pit. Wouldn't you love to know what pets were thinking at times like these. We're pretty sure he was laughing at us, especially when him and his neighbor friend; Scotch ran through the house immediately after their mud bath.

Oh, mama, Indo can hardly wait to come live at your house in a couple months!!!!

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE