Annual Lake Tahoe ride Trip 2009

For about six years now friends have been making the trek out from Utah to south lake Tahoe once a year, sometimes more to have a rockin' good time. Filled with good skiing, great friends, food, dance parties and some serious lovin'. This year was no different, it was so great to have everyone out, we had some serious spring skiing this year. porter's two younger brother's came to keep us entertained and make us feel old out on the slopes.

Fierce-some Four-some. Tahoe Style.

Thanks for coming everybody! And hope everyone is gearin' up for 2010.

I don't even remember how to blog

So it's been extremely long since we have blogged last, not that we have too many followers or anything but sorry, and I'll try to work harder at it. But thank you to all you avid bloggers cause I love, love, love to be able to see what everyone is up to.

I'll try to hit our 2009 highlights month-to-month for ya.


We went on a cruise to the Caribbean. It was amazing, beautiful, perfect weather, and as always; way too much food. We took one million pictures, sorry i didn't narrow them down too much, and they are basically all the same...just porter and I, again, and again, and again. Scroll quickly if you're not into that, but if you are into two attractive people on beautiful beaches in swimsuits...stay tuned.

our ship was the best part:it was brand new, big pools, hot tubs, water park, rock climbing, golf, surf simulator (porter's favorite) , endless entertainment, sweet gym, a clean room sheets and towels 10 days in a row, not many obnoxious kids running around, plenty of dance parties and eat your heart out buffets/restaurants.


Theater room, performance every night

Relaxing at the beach, cute masculine porter :)

First night on the ship was dang windy!

Surfing it up. We spent a lot of time here at the flowrider, Porter got pretty good.

Here we are in San Juan

The next day we were in St Thomas. This was are favorite day, we woke up extra early (my mistake) Your room in the ship are so dark you never know what time it is.:) But we went to beautiful Meagan's bay. Cause we were there so early we were just about the only people there. It was amazing.

Here we are at our own private beach. Beautiful.
After the beach we boated to the island of st. John, went on a hike and ended up at honeymoon beach and snorkeled.

The next stop was st. Maarten. Fun shops and beautiful island. We mostly just hung out at the beach.

Endless amount of diet coke. Thought of you mom, every time I ordered one.

Clubbin it up.

our last stop was an island off of Haiti, very hot yet beautiful. Royal Caribbean owned the island and hired a boatload of Haitians each day to come work on it, it was pretty cool to talk to some of them.

Here I am at the end of the ten days feeling 10 pounds heavier.

Oh yes, and we were there on Valentine's, quite romantic.

So full.

Here are our Cruise BFF's Liz and Josh from Holladay UT. We spent lots of time with them, fun to have met them and partied Mormon style.

Colorado LOVE

Colorado LOVE