Utah Valley Half Marathon

Porter and I signed up to run our 3rd half marathon a few months ago. Hoping my sister and husband would join us and that we would have supporters we decided to run the Utah Valley Half which started a mile past Sundance ski resort and finished at the Provo tabernacle/temple. Although my sister Nicole said she was for sure running with us...I was a bit skeptical considering she hadn't registered... But lucky for us, and after a possible illegal swiping of bibs; not only did she run but Ryan did as well!! It was a beautiful morning and so fun to have family to chat and laugh with. we ran the whole 13.1. Not the fastest pace, but was exciting to be done and especially to have fans at the finish line; Deb, Denise, Rebecca and our #1 fan: Aims of course!!!

Here we are, finishing strong!!

We Won!!!

Our fans even made a sign for us! And of course, Nikki and I were twinners.

Aimsley; so proud of her momma...or ready for a nap. Either way, go us!

The day before the race we spent a beautiful day in Park City with the Family. I sometimes forget how beautiful Utah is, especially up in Park City where it's not as warm in the summer and everything was so green.

 Cute Dad

We rode the Alpine slide AND coaster, we had never been on the coaster....SOOOOO fun. do it if you haven't, ride with someone, never put on any break, and scream real loud. 

And lucky for nikki, she had a BLAZE game to dance in the night of the race :))) So we all came out to support, and Ryan even got to dance in a number too!!

The Blaze season is over, Lucky for Aims and me, we were able to catch 3 games....number one fans.

Such a fun weekend, so happy we had family to support us and we could knock another race off the list!!

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